Thursday, December 17, 2009

tool awards

I've been instructed to peruse some of the Web 2.0 award winning websites and to then comment on them in this web-log. Needless to say I lost several days of my life poring over these websites, never leaving the computer and subsisting only on butterscotch candies and a bowl of ice that quickly became water. Eventually I roused myself from this stupor (shout out to some of America's finest medics for their help), but not before incurring what's likely to be a hefty carpet cleaning bill accompanied by horrified looks from carpet cleaners. Somewhere in my daze, suitably alarmed at the stubble beginning to diminish the gorgeous contrast between my mustache and normally freshly-shaven face I attempted a rectification. Unfortunately the computer monitor wasn't as reflective as I'd prefer, and a pocketknife just doesn't cut it, it being facial hair. Someone must have heard me wailing, because a quick trip to the emergency room and several dozen stitches later I was back at home and ready to report what I'd learned in my perusal of award winning websites.

What I've learned is that there is a website dedicated to cocktail building. "Of all the useless stupid crap put on the internet," I thought to myself without irony. Still, despite the gleaming ball of hatred rocketing from heart to head that this inanity provoked I was intrigued. The website allows you to enter ingredients (scotch, ice) and then see what drinks you might be able to make if only you'd add another blasphemous ingredient to your cabinet. In fact they'll often suggest buying TWO more ingredients so that you might further mar the goodness your scotch so profoundly offers. For those of you that enjoy a wide range of alcoholic beverages I'm sure this website will be of great help in ushering you into the life of a booze-soaked vagrant.


  1. So If I get this right I can add stuff like Whiskey, Ice, Mountain Dew It will give me some Cocktail concoction that I can make out of the ingredients. Like a Hillbilly High Ball That will tickle your innards. Awesome!

  2. I typed in mustache as a potential drink ingredient and got nothing. I do not like uncertainty. I am afraid. What beverages do find go down best when filtered through a full-bodied 'stache?

  3. I'm glad you asked.

    The answer in two parts: 1) Every drink is enhanced by fur filtration. 2) Scotch + rocks, though fur free face flaps probably aren't able to appreciate it.