Saturday, October 31, 2009

beginning to mix work related content with the important stuff

So I began this web-log with intentions similar to those of most web-log authors: to chronicle the contents of my mustache. But it turns out my place of employment is looking to bring its employees into the world of what's mysteriously known as "Web 2.0". So it appears I'll be muddying up this blog with "content" and work-talk. I'm loathe to admit trepidation, and one would never guess such a feeling resides within me as they gaze at my robust mouth-sweater, alas, I admit trepidation. To make lists of what's stuck in my mustache, well that's a purpose second only to growing, maintaining and adulating the hair-umbrella above my talkhole. But to engage in a learning experience over the internet with colleagues...certainly not a task for the faint of stache.

also for the week ending 10/31
a wishbone, minimal gristle


  1. wow, great blog. I'll be mailing you a check shortly.

  2. I think you'll be very pleased to hear that a St. Louis group wants to resurrect the mustache.


  3. That group is the famed American Mustache Institute. There is a link to their fine site on my sidebar. And while I certainly applaud their efforts I can't help but notice there is a certain amount of humor in their enterprise, and I'm sure we can all agree that the mustache is no laughing matter.